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The heath & well being of our guests is extremely important to us & we may refuse to board an animal showing signs of infectious disease. However, if at the time of boarding your pet is receiving veterinary treatment for a non contagious medical conditions we are more than happy to continue it's treatment, please ensure your pet has enough medication for his/her stay. All rabbits must be up to date with their myxo & VHD (Nobivac) and RVHD2 (Filavac) vaccinations. Proof of this must be provided prior to boarding or upon arrival.



Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or change your booking. 



If your pet becomes ill whilst staying with us, we will make every effort to contact you, for this reason please ensure that all your contact details are up to date. If however, we cannot get hold of you & we feel a trip to the vet is absolutely necessary we will take your pet to our vets who are excellent & have 24hr emergency care, unless you specified on the form that you would prefer us to use a different vet. If your pet requires veterinary attention we will need re-imbursement of costs on your return. We don't charge for our petrol or time if your pet needs urgent treatment as the only thing that matters to us is the well being & welfare of the animal. If you would prefer us to try & use your own vet then please provide us with their details. In the very sad & unlikely event of death occurring, we will notify you immediately so that we can discuss your final wishes for your pet.



If you should fail to collect your pet for 7 days following your agreed collection date & we are unable to contact you using the details provided we will consider your pet abandoned & reserve the right to seek to rehome your pet to a suitable home & charge you for the associated boarding & rehoming costs. This would, of course, only be applied in extreme cases and is put as a T&C just to protect all parties and all animals!

***We are caring and experienced pet keepers & we promise to give your animals the same care and attention that we give to our own pets. However, please note that all pets boarding with us are left completely at the owner's own risk & Brookside cannot accept any responsibility for any loss, injury or illness whilst they are in our care.***


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